What Makes Money Architect different? | Money Architect, Russell Sawatsky
No conflict of interest

Most financial advisors today make their money by selling a product, such as a mutual fund or insurance, and receiving a commission from the issuing company. Even with the best of intentions, there remains an inherent conflict of interest in this business model. Is the recommendation truly the client’s best option, or is it skewed to generate more income for the financial advisor? With Money Architect Financial Planning, that conflict of interest is eliminated, so you can be confident that I will be acting in your best interests.


Services provided on a fee-only basis

A fee is charged only for the services provided, exactly as one would pay a fee when hiring a lawyer or an accountant. The fee is clearly and directly charged rather than hidden within the cost of a mutual fund or other financial product.


Fees on a sliding scale determined by household income and net worth

I provide my services on a sliding scale fee structure to make financial planning accessible to more Canadians. For 2019, the minimum fee on the sliding scale to design a full financial plan is $1000. The design fee includes five (5) hours of coaching to implement the financial plan , with additional coaching available for an hourly rate. Annual maintenance of your financial plan is currently available for 10% of the design fee. Details of your fees and taxes, if any, will be agreed upon in the Letter of Engagement.


Services accessible remotely

Meetings are held by telephone and/or video chat, allowing us to communicate no matter where we happen to be. Not having an office also means reduced overhead and more accessible financial planning.


No referral fees

I believe referral fees reduce the client relationship to a commodity that is bought and sold. When I recommend a specialist, such as a lawyer for the purpose of drafting a will, I do so because I know them to be a trustworthy professional, not so that I can get a fee. Similarly, I want clients referred to me because I offer fair, transparent, and professional service, not because of a referral kick-back.