Money Architect Financial Planning, Russell J. Sawatsky

Russell J. Sawatsky

Qualified Associate Financial PlannerTM

For 14 years I worked as a licensed representative at a self-directed brokerage company in London, Ontario. I founded Money Architect Financial Planning in response to an unaddressed need I identified among my Do-It-Yourself investor clients; they could all benefit from foundational guidance.

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  • Strategies to Pay Down Your Debt

    Let’s suppose you are a married couple, Jessica and Michael. Both of you are thirty years old. Big purchases, on which you owe money, include a house, a ...

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  • What is a Stock Split?

    A couple of months ago, Apple and Tesla, split their stock. Apple did a four-for-one split and Tesla split its stock five-for-one. This made big news, but ...

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  • What’s in a Title?

    Regulating the Use of Financial Planner or Financial Advisor If someone were to tell you that they were a financial planner or a financial advisor, what wo...

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